Ergomarathon 2021 completes the indoor rowing season in Finland

Suomeksi tarinaa täällä.

As usually Ergomarathon was the last competition for Finnish indoor rowing season. This was the second year on the row with peculiar circumstances. Last year we got “caught red-handed” with pandemic in the middle of the season, this year we were more prepared to arrange the virtual competition.  Probably everyone was still hoping that at least the last competition of the season is arranged the traditional way. But this was not the case and e.g. the participants abroad could not travel to Finland. Also Finnish competitors got one more experience of virtual racing at their local gym, home or other race hubs. We arranged Ergomarathon 2021  remotely, meaning that there was no race software and rowers could row their set during given timeframe and sent their result to us for final results.

Virtual racing has increased the interest towards indoor rowing and we had a record-breaking amount of participants on the race. 89 rowers, including 3 rowers from UK and Netherlands had send the registration, and only one rower informed DNS. The negative side of the virtual rowing is when you are rowing alone a marathon, you may be more tempted to interrupt when there is no-one to cheer you up. This is probably reason, why there was even 5 DNFs this year.

As usually, we got plenty of new records. There were 4 new world records, 8 Finnish records and countless personal records. Based on the social media updates, most of the rowers were really happy after the race. Congratulations to all!

You can find the results here.