Finnish Open Indoor Rowing 6000 m and 500 m – 18.3.2023

(page updated 22.2.2023)

Race info:

Finnish Open Indoor rowing competition for 6000 meters and 500 meters is arranged as virtual using ErgRace Online-software. You can row at any location, all you need is Concept2 RowErg with PM5 monitor updated to the latest firmware and ErgRace Online app in your phone with sufficient internet connection. Concept2 logbookID is requested upon registration. 6000 meters race is also available for Concept2 with slides.

Race categories:
Girls / Boys: U12 / U14 / U16 / U18
Women / Men: U23
Women / Men
Women / Men: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90

Light weight (LWT) and heavy weight (HWT) rowers have separate starts, except categories U12 / U14 / U16 / U18.

Weight limits are 61,5 kg (135 lbs) for women and 75 kg (165 lbs) for men.

Race day will start with 6000 m competition at 10.00 (GMT+2). First 500 m start is around 14.00 (GMT+2). Both are estimated times. Starting times will be confirmed after the amount of participant is known.

For registration send your info via email to soutu(at)

The following information is needed:

  • Name
  • Concept2 logbookID
  • Race (500m/6000m/6000m with slides)
  • Race category (also LWT/HWT)
  • Contact information (mobile phone, email address)
  • Concept2 logbookID
  • Your sports club (not mandatory)

Send your registration by 10th of March at 23.00 (GMT+2).

Participant fees:
U16 and under: no fee
U18, U23, all women and men: 15 €/start

Pay your participation fee to Keravan Urheilijat soutu account:

FI36 2074 1800 0262 59 (BIC: NDEAFIHH) by the end of 10th of March.

Enter the rower’s name and starting information in the message field. If the participation fees for several rowers are paid together, please write the name of rowers,  of the rowingclub and the number of rowers/starts in the messagefield.

More detailed race times will be confirmed after registration time is closed.

You can create a Concept2 logbookID here. You can find your LogbookID number under the profile information in the upper right corner of the page. The LogbookID is also visible on the ErgRace Online application home page after logging in.

No license is required to compete in the Open class, and it has no  Finnish Championships ranking value.


Instructions for competitors before the race day

Download the ErgRace Online app to your Android or iPhone phone.

Log in with your Concept2 logbook ID and password.

During the days before the race, take the SMSL Indoor Rowing test according to the instructions.

Change the batteries of the PM5 monitor if the charge level is 50% or less. Also check the date after changing the battery.


Instructions for competitors at the competition venue

It is recommended to join the race 15 minutes before your own start or immediately when the race device is freed from the previous rower.

  1. Make sure that the ErgData application is not running on your phone (the surest way is to restart your phone before connecting to the PM5 monitor).
  2. Start the ErgRace application and enter the race code (can be done in advance even earlier)
  3. Connect the ErgRace Online application to the PM5 identifier in the Connect view of the PM5 monitor (if the PM5 is already connected to another device, select End connection or restart the PM5 by holding down the Menu key)
  4. When all functions show green on the ErgRace Online main screen, you can start warming up and wait for further instructions from the PM5 screen.

If you have problems connecting, we recommend turning off and on the phone and the PM5 monitor again.

If there is a technical problem during welding (e.g. with connections), continue your performance normally to the end. Finally, take a picture of your performance from the PM5 memory and send it to

After the race, disconnect ErgRace Online from the PM5 monitor.


Contact information: 

Race organizer Keravan Urheilijat ry
Information: Sini Koskinen 040 1916197


2022 SM/ Finnish Open Indoor Rowing 6000 m and 500 m Results