Five world records at Virtual Ergomarathon

Due to the exceptional situation around the world, indoor rowing racing season was over much earlier than usual. In Finland national championships for 500 m and 10 000 m were postponed and ergomarathon was arranged virtual without championship status. The situation was unfortunate and season ending so soon may have caused some indoor rowers to drop the handle. Many rowers also regretted not being able to experience the charm of the Ergo marathon and cheerful athmosphere this year.

In addition to virtual marathon, rowers were able to join to virtual triplet, where results for 500m and 10 k was also acknowledged. The virtual race was well received, and rowers sharing their results on social media woke up also those who weren’t so interested in the first place. We also received some new participants, which is really good thing. Traditionally there has been rowers outside of Finland in Ergomarathon. We were excited to see how Pentti Soini will challenge Shaun Callaghan, fresh European and World Champion in 2000 meters in the longer distance.

Virtual race also encouraged women to row the whole marathon in addition to half marathon. We have 7 women in virtual race having also time for the 42 km distance.

There is no Ergomarathon without any world records, and this year there was three. Joel Naukkarinen, Men Open, rowed with RP3 and new WR for that device is now 2:22:21.1. Tarita Vähä-Vahe rowed C2 with slides and new WR for W50 is 3:22:47.3. Kristina Björknäs rowed also C2 with slides and new WR for W40L is 3:30:45.6. Jouko Tyrkäs also rowed C2 with slides and made new WR’s for M70L on both marathon 3:03:46.2 and half marathon 1:27:15.1.

All participants included in the Ergomara 2020 team in Nonathlon will receive a diploma via email.

You can view all the results from the links below:




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updated 30.4.