Virtual Ergomarathon

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** Registration to Ergomarathon 2021 has ended. Participant list can be found here. Make sure that you have paid your registration fee.**

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, Ergomarathon2021 will be virtual. You can row at home or at your local gym (bear in mind and obey the local restrictions and regulations due to Covid-19).

Row your marathon at any time during the day 24th of April and report your result via email. The email should include a picture that proves the date, distance and result, email should also include rower name. Light weight rowers should take a picture of their weighting before the race.

For non-Finnish rowers, the racing fee is 17€. All finishing participants get the “Guide to Indoor rowing” for free and join a lottery to win an entry to the Ergomarathon2022.

Race distances and age/weight categories on Open series

W/WLwt, M/MLwt + age categories 40+ onwards – half marathon 21 097 m

W/WLwt, M/MLwt + age categories 40+ onwards – marathon 42 195 m.


Register to ergomarathon by 19th of April using this form, or send your name, date of birth age/weight group, device (RP3/Concep2/Concept2 with slides), contact information and address where you are rowing to Pay the registration fee by the end of registration time.

Reporting your results

Make sure that your ergo has the correct date and time, especially if you are going to row new country/world record.

Report your own result By taking a picture of your monitor showing the date, distance and result and send it to

You can report your result until 24th of April at 24:00.

In case you want and definitely if you row a new record, get the verification code (or minimum take the picture and ask someone at the premises to prove your result). You will get the verification code with following instructions:

PM5 / PM4: Menu – Memory. Select the magnifying glass icon for the workout you want to view. On the View Detail screen,  press twice the fourth gray button on the right. The 16-digit verification code will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the monitor.


Overall results

After 24th of April we will publish the results per age and weight categories.